Write 10 facts about yourself and then pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers c:

Thanks for thinking of us :)

Phee is passing this (:p) so this is just Q

1. I am a new PJ fan *gasp*

2. PJ is not my top band *gasp* but I seem to only listen to them these past few months so maybe that will soon be a fact of the past :p

3. My fave VOICE is Eddie Vedder’s *duh*

4. Photoshop addict *duh duh*

5. I like exotic, heavy duty non-diner type coffee 

6. Sushi and sakē fan *hic*

7. I am Not an alcoholic hehe (following fact #6) 

8. I do not know how to handle compliments *ie awkward human*

9. I am short enough to hang on Eddie’s arm comfortably

10. I am desperately torn between baby Vedder and ‘06 Vedder *help*

Do you see what I mean..



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reblog if your icon is a sex god from the high heavens

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Single Lyrics Series: Vitalogy

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Track Name: Untitled (I'm Still Here)
Artist: Pearl Jam
Played: 64 times


But I’m still here 
And small
So small
How could this struggle seem so big?

The first time I heard this song I seriously had to sit down and ask myself what just happened. It has never failed to overwhelm me since.

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Pearl Jam performing Black live in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena 10-16-14

Please watch this.

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22 years ago, Eddie Vedder promised this guy he’d take a picture with him the next time the two met. Earlier this month, Vedder made good on his promise.

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